2.5 OZ Pet Behavior Corrector Stops Unwanted Behavior in Any Pet – Barking, Jumping, Growling, Scratching, Digging – The Safe & Humane Way to Train Your Pet – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (2.5oz)


The Most Effective Pet Training Aid – Guaranteed

“My dog had the worst behavior! Barking, jumping up on guests, getting on the furtniture…you name it, he did it. Not anymore! The Perfect Pet Behavior Corrector has been a lifesaver!” – Caesar

Choose the most effective pet training aid available

Dogs and Cats both respond to the sound of their mother hissing at them. Seriously, this is what mother cats and dogs do to get the attention of their young. Now, show your pet that YOU are in control, with a safe and humane training aid that resembles sounds from their earliest and most impressionable days.

Veterinarians and Professional Trainers Agree

Harmful electric shock is inhumane, and ineffective. The pet doesn’t know what they are being punished for…our premium Pet Training Aid is different…when you observe unwanted behavior, simply grab your Perfect Pet Behavior Corrector and squeeze the trigger for a moment. The quick, painless hissing sound will get your pet’s attention. Follow this up with commands and further training (instructions and tips provided) and your pet will be the perfect pet in no time!

Our premium product is safe for your pet, your home and the environment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Don’t waste your time or money on cheap foreign made pet correctors. Our Premium product is produced right here in the USA!

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Product Features

  • SAFE & HUMANE FOR YOUR PET- Don’t punish your pet with inhumane shock collars or by locking them up, train them to be productive members of the family with our effective training aid!
  • EMITS A HISSING SOUND TO STOP UNWANTED BEHAVIOR IN ITS TRACKS – The sound mimicks that of a mother dog or cat that disciplines it’s offspring. Just a short, quick burst of the Perfect Pet training aid and your pet’s ears will perk up– they know this sound.
  • APPROPRIATE FOR DOGS & CATS- Perfect Pet is appropriate for both dogs and cats, young & old. You CAN teach an old dog new behavior, with Perfect Pet!
  • EFFECTIVE TRAINING to Stop Barking, Biting, Jumping on Furniture & Counter Tops, Stealing & More
  • DogFREE INTERACTIVE TRAINING GUIDE Provided With Purchase – Emailed training tips and advice from pet experts exclusive to K3’s Perfect Pet!