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Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus with MSM Chewable Tablets, 132 Count

Product Features

  • Plays an important role in maintaining joint function for dogs
  • #1 veterinarian recommended retail join health supplement brand
  • With MSM, a naturally occuring, organic, sulfur-containing compound
  • Supports mobility for a healthy lifestyle in dogs of all ages, sizes, and activity levels
  • Please read all label information on delivery


Purina Tidy Cats Direct LightWeight 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter, 1 Disposable Litter Box

Purina tidy cats direct is a convenient all-new, all-in-one disposable litter box that ships directly to your door. It’s pre-filled with tidy cats lightweight 24/7 performance clumping litter to provide around-the-clock odor control, with the power of tidy lock to lock away urine, fecal and ammonia odors. Each disposable box contains enough litter to last up to one month for one cat with typical use, so all you have to do is open, scoop, and toss the whole thing out when you’re ready for a fresh box.

Product Features

  • Pre-filled with Purina Tidy cats lightweight 24/7 performance Clumping litter for convenience and around-the-clock odor control
  • Up to one month of litter for one cat, with typical use
  • Disposable box has an anti-leak Coating inside to help keep mess container
  • Around-the-clock triple odor protection against urine, feces and ammonia
  • Produced & packaged in the USA


AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Scratching Posts – Medium

Product Features

  • Double-platform indoor cat tree with 3 scratching posts wrapped in sisal
  • Round top platform with sides and curved top rim doubles as a cat bed
  • Stable square-shaped base; made of MDF, carpet, paper tubes, and sisal
  • Simple screw-together assembly-instructions and tools included
  • Measures 15.7 by 15.7 by 31.5 inches (LxWxH)


Sentry HC Good Behavior Pheromone Dog Collar, 23-Inch

Constructed to mimic the pheromone that the lactating mother gives off when feeding their puppies Sergeant’s Behavior Collar relaxes and eases dog’s anxieties. Specially designed to help dogs cope with anxiety issues caused by separation, loud noises, trips in cars, holiday stress, excessive barking, destructive behavior and inappropriate marking. Unlike room diffusing products collar goes where dog goes providing optimal results. The safe and effective collar is ideal for use on all breeds, all ages and for dogs or puppies up to 28” neck.

Product Features

  • Proven to modify behavioral problems in dogs due to stress and fear
  • Helps dogs and puppies feel safe and secure
  • One collar releases pheromones for up to 30 days Safe and effective
  • Lavender chamomile fragrance
  • US and International patents pending


Health Extension Bone Shaped Treat, Large, 1 LB

The Holistic Health Extension dry food your dogs love…… now available in a Small Bone-Shaped Treat. Intended as a reward for good behavior. Formulated for a suplimental feeding.

Product Features

  • Intended as a reward for good behavior. Formulated for a suplimental feeding.
  • The first completely balanced diet in treat form for puppies and adult dogs
  • No By-Products, Rendered Animal Fats, Corn, Glutens, Soy or Artificial Preservatives
  • No Wheat, BHT, Ethoxyquin, Added Sugar, Artificial Flavors, Colors or Dyes


Petsfit 30″x22″x29″Outdoor cat house,New Version With Escape Door, Ideal cat condo,Weatherproof Cat Shelter

Storefront Link:

Basic information:

Wood: natural cedar

Paint: water-based paint

Roof: asphalt roofing

Outer dimension: 30″ LX22″W X 29″H

NOTE: Keep your pet from swallowing the component.

Designs and Functions:

1. Treated with WATER-BASED paint which is safer for your pet.

2. Grey and white trim.

3. Please note that the roof is weatherproof, but the second floor may get wet in the pouring rain.

4. Ideal shelter for outdoor cat.

5. Easy to set up with just a few steps.


1. Petsfit adhere to Amazon Return Policy.

2. Within 30 days, any quality problems, we will take full responsibility.

3. Any damages happened during shipping period: contact Amazon customer service(FBA order) ;contact Petsfit(FBM order).

Attention: Please measure your pet and check the DIMENSION.

Product Features

  • Weatherproof,solid wood construction,top level and classic design
  • Easy to assemble with pre-drilled hole
  • Grey and white trim,made from kiln dried ceder and treated with WATER-BASED paint
  • Inner dimension of the lower box:19″Lx19″Wx11″H,more details please refer to the PICTURE
  • Ideal shelter for outdoor cat with escape hutch.


K9 Behavior Basics: A Manual for Proven Success in Operational Service Dog Training (K9 Professional Training Series)

Understand dog behavior to work with, not against, your K9’s instincts.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize and interpret your K9’s expressions, gestures and signals.
  • Use operant conditioning to efficiently and humanely train K9s.
  • Plan and execute effective K9 training programs for search and detection, patrol, remote guided camera, attack, and more.

The art and science of training police, military and other service dogs continue to evolve as we learn more about dog behavior. In this revised edition of K9 Behavior Basics, expert dog trainers Dr. Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak and Simon Prins share the essentials every trainer needs to know about these advances in K9 training. You’ll learn how to successfully implement or improve your dogs’ training programs using operant conditioning.

The authors outline key concepts in dog behavior and communication and provide practical approaches to operant conditioning. They share proven techniques and solid advice from their more than thirty years of specialized K9 experience. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro staying up-to-date, K9 Behavior Basics has something for you.

Get a free ebook through the Shelfie app with the purchase of a print copy.


Easyology Pets Premium Cat Tunnel Toy Maze With Fun Crinkle Chute

Activate your kitty’s natural instincts with Easyology Pets premium cat tunnel. This award winning toy offers hours of fun and healthy exercise for your furry friend.

Cat lovers know that all cats need exercise or they could cause trouble. He or she will scratch at your furniture or make off with pens, keys and other items. Your kitty has probably even raced through the house in the middle of the night – much to your frustration.

Keeping kitty entertained will not only help him or her stay young and healthy, but by channeling all that energy with acceptable diversions, he or she will be a better-behaved pet, too. This cat tunnel is the perfect choice for both exercise and fun.

Activate your cats natural instincts by creating a maze of cat tunnels. You can connect two or more of them to help capture kitty’s attention and activate her natural drive. Cats will happily run in and out of the cat tunnel peeking their heads through the hole while they get some great exercise.. It’s great fun for cats, kittens, grown-ups and kids alike.

Easy storage
Super durable
Can connect as many as you want
Makes a great gift for cat lovers.

Want a happier cat and lots of fun for you? Hit the “Add to Cart” button above and order your Premium Cat Tunnel today.

Product Features

  • ✓ CONNECT 2 OR MORE: The Easyology Pets Cat tunnel is designed to give your cats a really fun maze-like experience. You can easily connect one to the center of the tunnel and on the ends (1 included per purchase)
  • ✓ PREMIUM AND DURABLE MATERIAL: She’ll spend hours running in and out without any harm to the cat tunnel.
  • ✓ CONNECTS TO ZEN DEN: Now you can connect our toy maze to the award winning Zen Den! (See Image 4) Create a Zen Maze Today
  • ✓ CONVENIENT STORAGE: When play time is done, your cat tunnel can be secured easily by velcro and stored so it is out of sight
  • ✓ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you don’t absolutely LOVE the Easyology Pets Cat tunnel then we will refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED. This is our iron-clad commitment to you. Click “Add to Cart” Now!


OVO Cat Mouse Teaser Toy

OVO Cat Mouse Teaser Toy meant to be enjoyed by any animal.* As with any product. Please supervise your pet’s use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result.

Product Features

  • Endless Fun and Laughter!
  • 17 inch Long Teaser Toy
  • Hand Crafted


Dog Shock Collar with Remote – Pet Safe Dog Training Collar with 3 Modes – Also Known as E Collar for Dogs or E Collar Training – This Shock Collar for Dogs Has a Range of 330 YD – Electric Dog Collar

The eXuby® Dog Training Collar System allows for achieving small range dog obedience. This device was designed with the common household dog in mind, as the range of this system easily accommodates a stroll to your nearby park, or training in the backyard. We’ve incorporated every function that’s needed for a beginner trainer or novice training collar user .


– Collar Size: Able to fit small, medium and large dogs. 15 lbs or larger. Durable and adjustable nylon collar size from 14 to 24 inches long
– Includes one collar, Remote Transmitter can control up to two collars. (Extra collars are sold separately)
– Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Batteries for Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter- Water Resistant Collar Receiver
– Tone/Vibration Options: 100 Levels of Vibration and 1 Level of Standard Tone
– Stimulation Levels: Up to 100 Levels of Static Shock
– Power saving design with Automatic Standby and Memory Function
– Easy to operate and ergonomic transmitter
– Effective and safe training system with Auto-Protect Mode
– LCD Display featuring a Blue back light for nighttime use
– Quick and straightforward pairing process between collar and transmitter

What’s in the box?

1X Transmitter
1X Receiver
1X Button Clicker with Wrist Band
1X Adjustable Nylon Belt
1X Charging Cable
1X Charger
1X Test Bulb
3X Metal Probes

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Purchase the eXuby® Dog Training Collar System and if you are not satisfied send it back within 30 days for a FULL REFUND. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. – Click on “Buy now with 1-Click” or “Add to Cart” to own one now before we run out!

Other names for Dog Shock Collar: shock collar – dog shock collar – e collar – shock collar for dogs – dog training collar – e collar for dogs – training collar – electric dog collar – dog shock collar with remote – e collar training – pet safe collar

Product Features

  • CORRECT ANY BEHAVIOR WITH A PUSH OF A BUTTON – Whether it’s running away, digging holes, barking, biting, chewing, jumping, scratching, attacking the mailman etc this shock collar will stop your dog instantly!
  • USE SOUND, VIBRATION OR SHOCK – Don’t like the idea of shocking your dog? We don’t blame you – You can first use noise or vibration and if that doesn’t work then use shock – All 3 modes have a setting intensity of 1-100 – You get to choose the intensity!
  • RECHARGEABLE RECEIVER AND REMOTE – Other shock collars work with batteries or you can only charge one of the two pieces – With this training collar you can charge both pieces – No batteries required – Saving you lots of time and money!
  • OTHER FEATURES AND BENEFITS – Super easy setup – Fits any dog with a neck – From Chihuahuas to Pit Bulls – Great replacement for bark collar – It’s waterproof, so you can let your dog play in the rain or take a swim – You can use the remote in the dark thanks to the bright back-lit LCD!
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Purchase the eXuby® Dog Training Collar System and if you are not satisfied send it back within 30 days for a FULL REFUND. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. – Click on “Buy now with 1-Click” or “Add to Cart” to own one now before we run out!

    Other names for Dog Shock Collar: shock collar – dog shock collar – e collar – shock collar for dogs – dog training collar – e collar for dogs – training collar – electric dog collar – dog shock collar with remote


The Guide to Puppy Basics: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Finding Your Pup and Puppy Training PLUS Housebreaking in a Week or Less! (Obedience & Behavior)

Bringing a new puppy home should be a time for celebration and excitement, but if you aren’t fully prepared it can also be a time of frustration. Just like children, puppies don’t come with an instructional booklet which means that learning your way is a process of trial and error…unless you invest in an instructional book like “Puppy Training Basics: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Train Your Pup and Housebreak in a Week or Less!” “Puppy Training Basics: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Train Your Pup and Housebreak in a Week or Less!” tackles all of the things that you need to know about bringing your new puppy home and making a successful transition to being a pet parent. Whether you are a new pet parent or a seasoned one, this book offers plenty of tips to get you started and improve upon your current pet parenting tactics. As you journey through “Puppy Training Basics: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Train Your Pup and Housebreak in a Week or Less!” you will not only learn what you need to do BEFORE your new puppy comes home, you will also learn about the best approaches to housetraining and crate training. “Puppy Training Basics: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Train Your Pup and Housebreak in a Week or Less!” provides helpful tips to ensure that you are ready to bring your puppy home, socializing your puppy well, training your puppy, helping your new puppy adjust to home life and more!

Inside You Will Learn about:

• Deciding which puppy is right for you • Surviving your first night at home with your puppy • Completely housebreaking your pup in a week or less • The basics of housebreaking • And Much More


PARTYSAVING 80″ Cat Kitten Tree Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture Toy Bed Post House APL1063, Cream Ivory, Large

Allow your cat to have a place to have fun, scratch, exercise, explore, and just simply relax. PARTYSAVING Cat Tree House is designed for cozy and comfortable amusement. Pleasure and safety, this PARTYSAVING tree has both of it. This cat tree play house will be the favorite of your cats.

For any possible defective products, please contact us first, we will offer you a replacement or refund you

Product Features

  • 80″ High Cream Ivory Cat Tree
  • Material: Compressed wood, faux fur, sisal rope
  • For medium size cat
  • Overall Size: 23″ X 23″ X 80″
  • Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools


Yaheetech Cat Tree Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture (67” Gray)


Viewing Platform: 10 x 10 x 2.6” (LxWxH)
Scratching Post: 17.5 x 2.6” (HxDia.)
Small Room: 10.6 x 10.6 x 9.4” (LxWxH)
Door of Small Room: 6.7 x 7.1” (LxDia.H)
Large Room: 17.3 x 10.4 x 9.3” (LxWxH)
Doors of Large Room: 6.7 x 7.5” (LxDia.H)
3.9 x 3.9” (LxW)
Ladder Size: 15.7 x 6.1” (LxW)
Top Board: 19.7 x 19.7” (LxW)
Mid Board: 19.7 x 7.7” (LxW)
Base Board: 19.7 x 19.7” (LxW)
G.W.: 42.43 Lb

Packing List:

1 x Cat Tree
1 x Instruction

Please Note: 1. Keep the cat tree dry.
2. Keep the cat tree clean for your beloved cat.
3. Pay attention to the fire.

Product Features

  • Brand new and high quality 67” cat tree suitable for cats or kittens
  • Made of solid particle board with comfortable Flannelette in elegant design
  • Comes with 3 viewing platforms, 2 rooms, 2 ladders and several scratching posts
  • Dimension: 22.8 x 19.7 x 67” (LxWxH)
  • Color: Gray


Perfect Pet Behavior Corrector Stops Unwanted Behavior in Any Pet – Barking, Jumping, Growling, Scratching, Digging – The Safe & Humane Way to Train Your Pet – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Large 6.5oz

The Most Effective Pet Training Aid – Guaranteed

“My dog had the worst behavior! Barking, jumping up on guests, getting on the furtniture…you name it, he did it. Not anymore! The Perfect Pet Behavior Corrector has been a lifesaver!” – Caesar

Choose the most effective pet training aid available

Dogs and Cats both respond to the sound of their mother hissing at them. Seriously, this is what mother cats and dogs do to get the attention of their young. Now, show your pet that YOU are in control, with a safe and humane training aid that resembles sounds from their earliest and most impressionable days.

Veterinarians and Professional Trainers Agree

Harmful electric shock is inhumane, and ineffective. The pet doesn’t know what they are being punished for…our premium Pet Training Aid is different…when you observe unwanted behavior, simply grab your Perfect Pet Behavior Corrector and squeeze the trigger for a moment. The quick, painless hissing sound will get your pet’s attention. Follow this up with commands and further training (instructions and tips provided) and your pet will be the perfect pet in no time!

Our premium product is safe for your pet, your home and the environment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Don’t waste your time or money on cheap foreign made pet correctors. Our Premium product is produced right here in the USA!

Click Add to Cart at the top of the page and relax, knowing you made the right choice in pet training aids. Pick up a few extra to have on hand, they make a great gift for that friend or relative that needs to train their pet, too.

Product Features

  • SAFE & HUMANE FOR YOUR PET- Don’t punish your pet with inhumane shock collars or by locking them up, train them to be productive members of the family with our effective training aid!
  • EMITS A HISSING SOUND TO STOP UNWANTED BEHAVIOR IN ITS TRACKS – The sound mimicks that of a mother dog or cat that disciplines it’s offspring. Just a short, quick burst of the Perfect Pet training aid and your pet’s ears will perk up– they know this sound.
  • APPROPRIATE FOR DOGS & CATS- Perfect Pet is appropriate for both dogs and cats, young & old. You CAN teach an old dog new behavior, with Perfect Pet!
  • EFFECTIVE TRAINING to Stop Barking, Biting, Jumping on Furniture & Counter Tops, Stealing & More
  • FREE INTERACTIVE TRAINING GUIDE Provided With Purchase – Emailed training tips and advice from pet experts exclusive to K3’s Perfect Pet!


Sergeants Good Behavior Pheromone Technology Calming Dogs & Cats Adjustable 60ct

SENTRY GOOD Behavior Calming Chews for Dogs contain a blend of pheromone, chamomile, ltryptophan and thiamine. These soft chews are great for daily use, or occasional use.

Product Features

  • Proven to modify behavioral problems in dogs cats due to stress and fear
  • Helps dogs and puppies feel safe and secure
  • Sentry Good Behavior Calming Drops Include A Pheromone That Helps Calm A Dog In Stressful Situations
  • Dogs Recognize These Pheromones Throughout Life
  • This Takes Advantage Of The Natural Process Of Association And Nurtures A Calming Effect


Pet Zone Fly by Spinner Toy, Large, Multicolor

Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Cat Toy provides the real “lifelike” flying action replicating the movement and vibration of an outdoor butterfly.

Product Features

  • Spinning action electronic sound stimulates the cat’s natural instincts and keeps cats guessing
  • Cat Tested – Cat Approved
  • On/Off Switch
  • Requires one AAA battery


GPET Catch the Mouse Motion Cat Toy, 10 Inch

Cat Toy

The Best Kitten Toy on the market

FUN EXERCISE FOR YOUR CAT Satisfies your cat’s natural instinct – Cats have a natural instinct to stalk and pounce on their prey. The toy can be used as either ground prey or air prey.


– Premium Cat Toy at best price on Amazon
– Made With Highest Quality Materials Available
– With BALL INSIDE spins away from your cats grasp
– Beautiful Design in BPA free plastic.

The Only Cat Toy Backed By 2 Years No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee


Not satisfied?

Return the Cat toy for a full refund! 100% Money Back Guarantee! Highest Quality at Best Price on AMAZON.

Click add to cart at the top of this page to buy this amazing Cat Toy

Product Features

  • CAT TOY TO EXERCISE YOUR CAT Satisfies your cat’s natural instinct with Fun
  • BALL INSIDE spins away from your cats grasp- 360° both clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • SPINNING CAT TOY with Spinning Ball- size is 10″ x 10″
  • GPET HAPPY CIRCLE design allows cat to see, chase and swat the ball
  • SPECIAL COLOR COMBINATION specifically designed to catch and attract cat’s attention


Zacro Dog Doorbells for Dog Training and Housebreaking Your Doggy and 1 Training Clicker with Wrist Band. Pack of 7 Great Dog Bells- Adjustable Door Bell Length

With Zacro dog doorbells, no more barking when it’s time to go potty! Instead, be alerted that your dog needs to go outside by the gentle jingle of Zacro dog Bells. Simply hang the Zacro Bells on the door your dog uses to go out and train your dog to tap the bell to communicate that they need to go outside.Besides, in order to offering a better lifestyle to your pets, Zacro give a free bonus dog clicker to all my customers. If you have any questions, Zacro always take your advise.


Product Dimensions: 2.5*85cm

Bells Dimension:1.4″

Net Weight: 195g

Material:Nylon and Brass

Package included:

1* Dog doorbell

1* Dog clicker

After service:

Every Zacro product includes an 24-month warranty. Please buy with confidence and don’t hesitate to contact us if having any question, we’ll get to you within 24 hours.

Product Features

  • One quality Dog training clicker set provided with training guide manual
  • An Easier, Better Way for your dog to communicate; Instead of hearing barking and scratching, you hear the gentle jingle of Zacro Bells; All dogs have to go doorbells and you can housebreak and teach them how to signal you when they have to go; What’s better than hearing the polite chime of our Zacro Bells when your doggie needs to use the bathroom
  • Adjustable door bell length for small, medium and large Dogs
  • Hang strong Zacro Bells from Any Doorknob or Handle; Our high quality doggies doorbell comes with a snap that makes it easy to use on any type of door handle; Small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs and large dogs all love our dog bells
  • Nylon Adjustable doorbell strap and 7pcs 1.4″ Extra Loud stainless stell Bells;Don’t worry your dog won’t have an accident because you couldn’t hear the bells when they rang them; Zacro Bells are the loudest metal dog doorbells available on the market today and ring loud and clear every time


REXSONN Pet Dog cats Cozy Waterproof Windproof Jacket Winter Warm Apparel Grid Plaid Reversible Coat Coats for small Puppy medium large dogs

Reversible Cozy Dog winter Coat Jacket

This fun reversible coat is warm and fleecy.

Choose the colorful plaid side or the bold solid side.

Secure velcro straps at neck and belly keep your dog snug, and the folded, lined collar provides extra warmth at the neck.

A leash hole for walks makes this a great winter coat.

Product:Double wear plaid dog jacket waterproof for small medium big dogs



Material:Polyester+TC (terylene/cotton)

Sports style outdoor waterproof and windbreak material

Lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day

For Small and medium Dogs

velcro closure for easy on/off

It is checked by hands, it may have size difference about 2-3 cm / 1 inch.

Please consider 0.5 inch error.

Package included:

1 X Waterproof dog coat

Product Features

  • (Plz check the size chart first) Keep Comfortable and warm, pretect your dogs from cold winter weather
  • Filler: Polyester fiber. Material: Polyester+TC (terylene/cotton), Water Resistant Outer layer/ Soft and Warm Inner Layer
  • Fits Youkshire Terrier, Beagle, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Poodle, Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, German shepherd, Labrador, Boxer, Golden retriever, Pug, Weimeraner, Doberman and so on.
  • Easy to put wear and put off,Perfect for walking,jogging,Keeps pet safe and easy to spot
  • Size XS to XXXL; Package Include: 1 x Pet coat


Dog & Cat Brush For Shedding, Best Long & Short Hair Pet Grooming Tool, Reduces Dogs and Cats Shedding Hair By More Than 90%, The Chirpy Pets Deshedding Tool

AMAZING: “Remove Up to 90% of Shedding Loose Fur Within 5 Mins Using The Chirpy Pets Cat & Dog Brush.”
BENEFIT 1# – Grooming is Proven to be healthy for dogs & cats.
Daily grooming using our slicker brush will allow you to see skin problems early on.
Walking around with that excess hair can be stressful for an also helps to get at itches and other discomforts that your cat or dog may not be able to reach.
Grooming will keep your cat’s or dog’s coat shiny and smooth.
It will help to reduce allergies that can be caused by loose animal hair.
Increases bonding – Animals groom each other to improve social bonding. The same is true when you groom your dog or cat. The bond between you and your pet increases
In cats, regular grooming will also decrease the frequency of hairballs (cat vomiting).
This is because your cat won’t have to self-groom as much.

BENEFIT 2# – Grooming Using Our Tool Will Save You Money! By reducing the amount of loose hair, you will have less damage to your furniture, clothes, carpet etc.
You will save on professional grooming fees!

BENEFIT 3# – You & Your Pet Will be Super Comfortable!
Our dog & cat hair brush is designed to snugly fit into your hand..You will love how easy it is to use!
Your Pet Will Love it..It has been designed to be as comfortable as possible on your pet’s coat.

BENEFIT 4# – 60-Day Money Back & 1 Year Warranty If you are not happy within 60 days we will refund or replace the product. DISCLAIMER – This brush should not be used on cats/dogs that do not shed fur.

Product Features

  • Reduces shedding by up to 90% with 4-inch stainless-steel edge! No more hair on your floor or clothes! Avoid the hairballs in your car and on your furniture.
  • NEW long hair stainless steel edge reaches deep beneath your pet’s long top coat to safely remove undercoat and loose hair faster and easier.
  • Fantastic button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease.
  • Ergonomic handle makes deShedding comfortable and easy.
  • Leaves a shiny and healthy topcoat. Used on Small, Medium & Large Cats & Dogs, that have short, medium and long hair.