Doommy Pet Bathing Tool,Pet Shower Sprayer for Dogs Cats and Small & Medium Pets,Bathing Massage Combo with Grooming Brush and 2 Faucet Adapters, 7.5 ft Blue Hose for Indoor and Outdoor Using

Spray Header + Grooming Glove Fit Most Dogs and Cats

It can meet all kinds of cats or dogs for washing and grooming at the same time,such as shepherd, teddy,samoyed,husky,ChiHuaHua and so on.


Weight: 15.5 oz / 426g
Hose Length: 98.4inch / 250cm

How to use:

1.Connect the hose to the faucet using a suitable adapter and turn on the faucet switch.
2.Put the shower head on your hand and adjust the tightness of the belt to fit the size of your hand.
3.Turn on the shower head rotary switch, clean the pet.

Package Includes:

1 x Shower Ware with Grooming Glove
1 x Faucet Adapters
1 x Pet comb

Product Features

  • Multifunctional:

    Bath cleaning, massage, water size switch, integrated. Easy to operate with one hand. Reduce the anxiety and stress of pets in bathing.

  • Sanitation:


    Direct water to the skin, massage at the same time can be easier to clean bath slag, reduce the occurrence of pet skin diseases.

  • Unique form design:

    Innovative design to control water spray. The variable flow lever switches from pause to light to full flow through the knob on the bath glove washer, saving water and preventing accidental spraying. Suitable for bathing dogs of all sizes and types.

  • Easy to wear:

    Wear adjustable, suitable for small or large hands, or wear rubber gloves can also wear a shower brush.

  • Easy to Install and Remove:

    This dog shower tool come with a massage glove and 7.5ft long pipe and 2 hose adapters to fit 0.6 inches standard faucet, quickly connects to garden, house or shower.