Just Chill’in Buddy Dog Behavioral Aid, Anxiety Toy with Heartbeat (Buddy Aid -Brown)

The Just Chill’in Buddy anxiety aid is designed to provide the warmth and real feeling of a mother dog’s heartbeat that naturally comforts and relieves a dog’s anxiety. No matter the cause, whether new to the home, crate training, or perhaps a thunderstorm or fireworks, our Buddy anxiety aid can help. The Buddy Aid features two separate pockets located on the belly, one for the pulsing heartbeat and one for a warming pack, to provide a feeling of comfort for your furry friend. It will help your dog feel less fear and more peaceful. Dogs are drawn to the real feel of the pulsing heartbeat that is inserted into the top pocket on the belly. The heart-shaped module features an on/off switch and is powered by 3 AG13/LR44 button batteries (not included). Comforting warmth is provided by warmer packs that are inserted into the bottom pocket. They are non-toxic and safe for pets and people. Two disposable warmers are included that last up to 24 hours of warmth. The Buddy Aid is machine washable, on gentle cycle. Ensure that the heartbeat and warmers are removed before washing. The Buddy aid is not a restraint or medicated and calms your pet by their natural instincts to cuddle.


Product Features

  • Reduces bad behaviors caused by separation anxiety, thunderstorms, and fireworks
  • Pulsating heartbeat comforts your pet by mimicking the feel of a mother dog’s heartbeat
  • Warming packs provide warmth that is calming and naturally relaxing to your puppy
  • Two pockets separate the heartbeat from the warmer pack for long battery life
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle