Large Cat Tree House – 4 Foot Tall Soft Felt Carpet Climbing Play Tower and Scratcher for Pets to Play, Scratch and Rest – Three Levels with Ramps, Fort and Mouse Toys – Easy Assembly – by Petlo

Coming home from a long day of work only to see that your cat has completely destroy your brand new couch can put a damper to your mood for a long, long time. Don’t your cat had their own designated play area for them to climb, scratch, sleep, and absolutely go crazy over? Well, with Petlo’s Cat Tree, your cat will be sure to stay away from your expensive furniture and shoe closet for good!


• Dimensions: 19″ x 19″ 50″
• Three Levels of Carpet Coated Fun
• Two Piece Ramp For Your Cat to Climb – 2 Feet Long
• Small Fort on Second Level for Your Cat to Sleep In
• Five Scratching Posts
• Two Hanging Toy Mice
• Included Hex Wrench for Easy Assembly


While you’re on the road and have to leave your energy filled kitten behind, have no fear as your furry friend won’t even realize you’re gone when it’s too buys playing on its fantastic Cat Tree! With so many things to do, your cat’s attention will be fully captivated for hours of playtime! With three levels of comfortable carpeted flooring, it can easily accommodate up to 3 cats! It’s very well made and highly sturdy so even the most energetic of felines can’t knock this break this tower! The beams that hold up each floor acts as a scratching post that work as a much more desirable substitute for your cats to claw away at than your closet. All that with two cute fuzzy toy mice hanging from the top and middle levels for your kitten to fiddle with – I think your cat has found its new favorite home!


At just over 4 feet high, you will surely find a nifty place to set up your Cat Tree. Tall enough for your cat to enjoy but not too tall that it gets in the way of your furniture. Place it in a little corner of your bedroom and you will surely not even be in your way when you come home. Only with Petlo, do you get great quality every step of the way!

Portable Air Conditions for Pets! Perfect for Cats & Dogs That Need to be COOL!

Product Features

  • MULTI-PURPOSE SAFE PLAY AREA: Keep your furry friends entertained for hours with this 3 level cat tree, a fun playhouse not only to play on, but for scratching, exercising and resting.
  • COMFORTABLE FLOORING: The cold, hard floor can be very uncomfortable for your cat to lay on all day – keep them nice, warm, and cozy on one of our cat tree’s carpet covered floors.
  • THE PERFECT SIZE: Standing 50 inches tall, you will always find the perfect place to put your new cat tree so that it’s just tall enough for your cat to enjoy but not too tall to be in the way.
  • BUILT-IN SCRATCHING POSTS: Instead of having your cats tear up your furniture, there are five built in scratching posts. There are also 2 hanging mouse toys, a ramp, a fort and much more.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: It is easy to put this play center together and takes only a couple of minutes. Clear and easy to follow instructions are included, as the necessary tool (just 1 Allen key).