LBLA Multi-Functional Cat Trees and Towers Prime for Large Cats, Super Stable Cat Tree Condo for Indoor Cats, Tree Tower Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo House with Sisal Scratch

Playing is a cat’s nature. If you like to climb up and down, you can increase the flexibility of the cat and give the cat a new world of fun!

The softest bag of cats at the top meets the noble temperament of cats. They can look around and enjoy the feeling of being above.

Concealed tree hole cat litter: The cat litter in the tree hole can make the cat more secure and rest quietly inside.

Cat hammock: cats like a more sleep style, can curl up and ride their bodies, enjoy the leisure time comfortably

Cat hanging ball: When the cat is alone at home, the cat can hang the ball to stop the cat from playing, reducing their chance of depression and increasing their flexibility.

Cat grab column: It is their nature to grind claws on sisal-wrapped columns. The high-quality materials make them not tired of broken columns, which increases the stability and service life of the columns.

Size: 47.2 × 31.5 × 42.1IN
Weight: 9.26BL

Product Features

  • -Exquisite and luxurious cat climbing frame-:with cat litter, climbing frame, hammock, grab column, hanging ball, five kinds of ultra-luxury cat climbing frame, it is a warm paradise for your cat. They like to jump around on the climbing frame, play and give the cat a new world of fun.
  • -Suitable for grinding claws- A large column made of sisal material helps the cat to grind its claws.Super sturdy and stable: Super sturdy construction, extra-wide struts and a square bottom enhance the stability of the cat tree, allowing the cat to easily jump and leave the cat tree, increasing the safety of the cat tree and Service life.
  • -The right size: comfortable hammock-interactive cat lob and sisal rope, several layers of layout, up and down climbing. This cat apartment is big enough for your cat to be interesting enough.
  • -Easy to assemble-you can assemble it step by step according to the instructions. Your kittens may be messed up next to them, but they are very cute and enjoy the happiness of installing this new home together.
  • -High-quality materials-The pillars of the cat tree use high-quality PVC pipe, which is wrapped with natural and tasteless force and anti-grabbing sisal. It not only ensures the stability of the cat tree, but also can continuously accept the cat’s claws. The cover fabric is a high quality carpet fabric that is more durable than most of the fleece on the market and is not easy to pilling. Your furry family members will like the feeling of plush, like to explore and sniff its new home, no longer s