Provider Of Public Florida Divorce Decree Online Searches

Although it is not a title to brag about, Florida is among the states which have the highest divorce rates. This would come as no surprise since a lot of Florida Divorce Decree have been filed in the state office. The state does have a healthy marriage rate but divorce records are also piling up. With a lot of married couples thinking about divorce, it would be helpful for them to lookup Florida Divorce Records and rethink their decisions.

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In the year 1927, a state law pushed for marriage and divorce records to be placed in a centralized repository. Another law in the state of Florida which is called the Public Records Act classifies divorce as public information and made it available to the public. This repository is managed and maintained by the State Office of Vital Statistics of the Florida Department of Health. The records here date back from June 6, 1927 up to the present. But for divorce records that were filed before June 6, 1927, the best way to retrieve such information is through the office of the county Clerk of Court where the divorce was approved.

A traditional way of sending your request for divorce records is by mailing it or by delivering it in person to the county or state office. The time it takes to process this request will be from 2 to 3 weeks. Rush service is also available for an additional fee and for a shorter period of time. In this case, you can get the results in 3 days. There is an alternative way of searching and that is by going online. You can avail of online commercial search services and save yourself from all the hassle of waiting and falling in line. With just the name of the person and the location, you can get the results in an instant. You can even make statewide and nationwide searches.

You can have many uses for a divorce record. It is primarily a reference for married couples who are considering divorce. They can learn a lot from it as well as how to settle amicably. Tracing your family history and looking up long lost loved ones can also benefit from the information provided by a divorce record. Divorced couples who plan to remarry can also use divorce record certifications as their proof.

A minimal fee will be charged for requests that are sent through the state or county office. This costs about $5.00 per certification. For requests through online commercial search services, a full report will cost about $19.95 per copy. This rate can also vary based on the package deals and offers of different search providers.

There is a lot to learn from the experience of others. The information that Divorce Records can provide will serve as a good starting point for those who are not sure how to go about their divorce. With the ease and convenience of online search services, information is within reach and can help couples cope and others to reconsider.