Puppy Culture Show Training Bundle

Do your puppies Demand to Win? What makes a Òshow dogÓ is that attitude that just dares the judge not to put him up and thatÕs something that can be taught, if you start early and focus on the right things. Perfect for puppies, novice dogs, or lackluster show dogs needing a “re-tread.” -INCLUDED- KILLER FREE STACKS – In this two episode series, we demonstrate how to teach killer free stacks with the undeniable confidence that will stand out in the show ring. This series is mostly demonstrated by our 6-7 week old puppies but is suitable for any beginning show dog of any age. Also perfect for Òre-treadsÓ on show dogs who lack sparkle in the ring. STACK AND DELIVER – Are you making a good case for your dog in the show ring? Every time you walk into the ring, youÕre entering into a silent dialogue with the judge and telling him or her why that judge should put your dog up. The way you train and present your dog is making a case for your dog to win – Stack and Deliver shows you how to present the best case possible! WINNING IN MOTION – This is the video I wish I could have seen when I was learning to handle dogs – it lays out everything from how to teach your dog to move, to what to do when in the show ring, but it’s not just for beginners. I’ve been showing my own dogs for almost 20 years but I still learned a lot and picked up lots of tips when filming thanks to the great insights of the other breeders who participated in the broadcasts! ATTENTION IS THE MOTHER OF ALL BEHAVIORS – What if there were a way to actually have your puppy perform better in distracting situations? What if you could take all the distractions in the world and turn them into fuel for attention from your puppy? Well, this video will show you how to do it. In this two episode series, we show you how to teach your puppies (or adult dogs) that distractions are cues for attention – the results will astound you!

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