Retractable Wand , Multi Feather Teaser and Exerciser For Your Cat and Kitten – Cat Toys Interactive Cat Wand (8PCS)

 Pet toy is a kind toy used to play with pet, different with the traditional toys. The traditional toy is used to give children to exclude the sense of emptiness or to spend time with toys. Pet toy is a type of toy based on the creation of a pet as a human partnership, the purpose of which is to let humans and their pets really interact, animals can be in emotional communicate with  their owner.In addition, pet their own subconscious will choose a way to vent emotions, such as molars, chaos pull the owner’s shoes and socks and will chase the moving objects, especially the cat like to chase the mice, so the birth of pet toys, to a certain extent above The pet in the emotional needs of the above, as well as in the physical needs, in the interaction with the master above all played an important role.We are committed to doing a good product to help you solve the pet trouble.This 8-pack cat toy set can be applied to your cat,  you can play with the beloved pet in daily life , increase your pets’ exercise, so that you get along more comfortable and interesting.

Package Includes:

1 x 5 Colored feathers

1 x Chicken feathers

1 x Feathers

1  xTeaser Wand with Fishing Line

Guarantee: 90 days after purchase ,if you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.

Product Features

  • 【STIMULATE INTEREST】Fast dancing, driving feathers flying, triggering feathers front-end bells, Activate your cat’s hunting instincts and release its natural instincts.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】 Three telescopic rod,smoothly out,feeling light and solid,very suitable for a cat’s sensitive motor nerve.
  • 【STYLE VARIETY】All our feathers are made of natural feathers, touch softly.All kinds of colored feathers can be changed to make your cat happy.
  • 【SAFE & ENVIRONMENTAL】The use of animal feathers, natural materials,your kitten won’t be poisoned after eliminating bacteria.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT】If your families or friends are Cat Lovers,then our cat kitten feathers toy set is the best and practical gift for them.