Sumnacon Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissors Set-Stainless steel Hair Thinning,Straight,Curved Shears With Comb,Safety 7 Inch 4 Pcs Trimming Kits for Dogs Cats and Other Pets with Long/Short Hair


Didn’t grooming hair regular,can cause skin disease, hair loss, sultryand thus affect the newborn hair.
Pruning hair regular, making them clean and fresh, new hair more fluffy beautiful,
outstanding modeling, makes them more beautiful and cute.

Advantage of these grooming set:

Straight scissor for cutting hair,mainly used for pet hair flat parts.

Thinning scissor is used to thinning hair,let the hair after pruning more natural and beautiful.

Trim your pet’s eyelashes, nose, face, ears, belly, hips, etc.Curved scissors is an essential tool.
Curved scissors is also an essential tool for beauty modeling

The comb not sharp on the tooth points, designed dense and sparse ends
Comes in a variety of scissor shapes to complete the task from start to finish

The handy leather zippered pouchkeep everything convenientlystored for quick access whenever you are ready to use them.

It’s not just about saving your pet’s beauty fee, More is to make you enjoy the feeling of taking care of it.

Portable Air Conditions for Pets! Perfect for Cats & Dogs That Need to be COOL!


1*7.3″ curved tip scissors
1*6.5″ Thinning sheers
1*7.7″ finishing/straight scissors
1*Grooming Comb
1*scissor case
1*Cleaning Cloth


1.High quality Stainless Steel, high sharpness, when you use the dog grooming scissors,you must pay attention to safety.
2.Please kep it clean after using,can lubricated if necessary.
3.Please be careful with the cat grooming scissors,don’t drop from high level,this will destroy marginal adaptation of the pet grooming scissors.
4.Don’t use them to cut metal objects.The dogs scissors can only be used for hair trimming, otherwise it will shorten the life of using
5.Keep pet scissors away from children

Product Features

  • PET GROOMING SET – This 4-piece Dog Grooming Tools Kit includes 7.3″ curved tip scissors, 6.5″ Thinning sheers, 7.7″ finishing/straight scissors, Grooming Comb, scissor case and Cleaning Cloth.
  • Solid And Durable – Grooming Scissors are made of stainless steel for last a long time and avoiding rusting. They are all fairly blunt tipped, which is safer around pets. Durable and sharp scissors can help you to create any hair style for your lovely pets easily.
  • IDEA GIFT – An awesome pet grooming set would be great gift to a pet groomer or a beginner. Everything is packaged into the case for Hair + Body +Face + Ear + Nose + Paw, cutting & thinning shears for thinning out pet’s fur, removing tangles, and blending, Curved Shears great for feathering edge, Steel Comb has widely spaced teeth with 2 different size teeth to removes tangles, Cloth to wipe off all tools;
  • The Silicone Protection – These grooming scissors use a silicone pad at the handle to prevent accidental clamping of the fingers when used. It also avoids damage the scissors caused by metal collisions. Also avoiding harming your hands and pets because of you accidentally clip your fingers.
  • Adjustable Plate Screws – About these trimming scissors, you can adjust the scissors’ degree of tightness with the middle screw. Pet’s hair is quite different depending on the size and type of pet, so it is better to loosen the screw of the cut scissors and cut it in case of coarse hair. Conversely, in the case of very fine hair such as cat’s hair, it is good to cut the screws of the trimming scissors tightly.