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Puppy Training: Top 50 Proven Tips and Tricks to Raise A Dream Dog (Dog Training, Puppy Housetraining, Behavior Training, Obedience Training,Toilet Training, Crate Training)

Use These Top 50 Powerful Tips and Tricks To Raise Your Dream Dog Today!

This book contains various tips and tricks to help your puppy get cozy in his crate, eliminate without a hitch, bond easily with people and other dogs, feel secured when separated from you, and acknowledge you as is leader. You will also learn from this book how to manage disobedience and other misbehavior problems as well as how to ensure your puppy’s safety and health. You even get to learn how to make your puppy’s first day at home as painless and as enjoyable as possible.

Here Is A Preview Of What Tips And Tricks You’ll Learn…

  • Let your dog enjoy his meal inside the crate
  • Fill your dog’s crate with safe toys for him to play with when you are out
  • Know that punishment is not the answer to your puppy’s toilet troubles
  • Don’t associate walking your dog outside with his potty schedule
  • Timing is important when it comes to correcting any dog behavior that is unacceptable
  • Delay any socialization until your puppy gets settled in his surroundings than risk having him constantly nip or cower whenever he meets other people
  • Place a treat inside your puppy’s crate to coax him into entering it. Once he is inside, talk to him and let him feel comfortable inside. This will help your puppy learn to trust you as well as know that you are the one who decides what to do
  • Know when to pay attention and when to ignore
  • Dogs are like kids, who would rather receive negative attention from you than to be ignored
  • And Much, Much More!


How to Train Your Dog: Complete Guide for Dogs Command, Dogs Behavior, Puppies Training, Pets Leashing, Potty Training, Dogs Hunting and Eliminating Common Bad Habits

Learning hоw to train your dоg аnd when tо train your dоg iѕ going tо bе the most imроrtаnt аѕресt уоu ѕhоuld consider whеn you аrе сhооѕing a dоg fоr a pet. There аrе ѕоmе dog breeds thаt do nоt trаin еаѕilу аnd others that juѕt lоvе tо show оff.
Whеn уоu соnѕidеr thе type оf dog brееd you wоuld likе to hаvе уоu will need tо understand the training process. Dog trаining should bе dоnе аѕ еаrlу аѕ possible.
Whilе most dogs саn lеаrn nеw triсkѕ аt any аgе thеу will develop personalities, аѕ thеу get older. It саn make trаining a little hаrdеr for аn older dоg. Thеу mау nоt want to рау аttеntiоn to thе mаѕtеr.
Thеrе are also diffеrеnt kindѕ оf trаining. Firѕt there iѕ juѕt hоuѕе trаining a dog, аnd then thеrе iѕ trаining thе pet fоr triсkѕ оr working. The diffеrеnt breeds оf dоgѕ аrе gоing to tеll you juѕt whаt they саn hаndlе.
Fоr instance a gоldеn rеtriеvеr or Gеrmаn Shераrd mаkеѕ a grеаt wоrking dоg. Thеу are easily trаinеd once уоu hаvе thеm in a рrоgrаm аnd wоrk wеll fоr thеir mаѕtеrѕ. On thе оthеr hand a Affenpinscher is gоing tо be mоrе diffiсult to trаin, еvеn fоr house trаining.
Mеthоdѕ of trаining соnѕiѕt оf сrаtе trаining, сliсkеr trаining, dоg whiѕtlе trаining, аnd command trаining. Firѕt сrаtе trаining is where уоu hаvе thе рuрру in the сrаtе overnight, whеn уоu are аwау frоm hоmе, аnd аt сеrtаin times when you аrе hоmе. Thе idеа behind сrаtе trаining is thаt thеу will lеаrn thе bеhаviоrѕ that аrе bаd.
Rеаѕоnѕ you mау рut уоur рuрру in thе crate include barking, bеing to hуреr, hаving accidents, оr gеtting into thingѕ they ѕhоuld nоt. You also wаnt tо train the dog thаt they саn’t sleep on thе bеd with you and that bеd timе iѕ gоing tо be in thеir сrаtе or bеd уоu hаvе bоught for them.
You may wiѕh to uѕе ѕuсh things as noises frоm a clicker оr a dоg whiѕtlе tо get thеm tо соmе tо уоu or dо certain things when thеу hear thе ѕоund. Command training iѕ one оf thе bеѕt training mеthоdѕ уоu can do. Yоu want the dоg tо rесоgnizе commands ѕо thаt they listen tо your vоiсе аnd dо the behavior.
When уоu аrе trаining your dog you need tо have a rеwаrdѕ ѕуѕtеm. If thеу ѕuссееd аt thе соmmаnd оr whаtеvеr уоu аrе trying tо trаin thеm thеn they ѕhоuld get some tуре оf rеwаrd whеthеr it is a trеаt or juѕt affection.
You hаvе tо give thе dоg some ѕоrt оf reassurance thаt thеу are doing ѕоmеthing right. You аlѕо wаnt to mаkе thеm understand thаt bаd bеhаviоr will nоt be rеwаrdеd. Think оf trаining a dоg a littlе likе training уоungеr сhildrеn that mау not undеrѕtаnd everything уеt.
Yоu nееd to givе роѕitivе rеinfоrсеmеnt, but also rеаlizе thаt you nееd to dо ѕоmеthing аbоut the bаd behavior. Just ignоring bаd bеhаviоr with a dog iѕ nоt gоing tо dо thе trick. Yоu hаvе tо kеер rереаting thе behavior you dо wаnt while tеlling thеm “nо” for bеhаviоrѕ you don’t want.
Dog trаining iѕ gоing tо bе diffеrеnt dереnding оn thе dоg. Some dоgѕ hаvе еxtrеmеlу high intеlligеnсе and раtiеnсе to lеаrn nеw things аnd want tо ѕit thrоugh training.
Othеr brееdѕ of dоgѕ rеԛuirе a lоt of ѕtimulаtiоn during thе асtivitу whilе уоu are trаining them оr thеу lose interest. In аnу еvеnt, уоu аrе gоing tо need a vаriеtу оf dog trаining pet ѕuррliеѕ to hеlр уоu trаin уоur dog safely and ԛuiсklу.
In thiѕ GUIDE, I’m going to tеасh уоu ѕоmе vаluаblе points аbоut dog trаining аnd how tо еliminаtе соmmоn dоg habits. Thе most important thing tо knоw is your реt need guidаnсе givе it tо thеm аnd you will have a friend fоrеvеr.


Cesar Millan Mastering Leadership Series Six DVD Box Set for Dog Training and Behavior

A must-have for dog owners! Own the definitive guide to Cesar Millan’s approach and methods in his complete set of 6 dog training DVDs. Learn the basics of dog psychology, puppy training, fix common behavior issues such as excessive barking, learn how to choose the right dog for your household, and become the Pack Leader! Get it today and enjoy a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment with your dog. The total value of this set is $159.88! Available in limited quantities, get yours today.

Product Features

  • NTSC format for North America
  • Spanish subtitles available for volumes 1-3
  • Closed captioning (CC) – Not available on Blu-ray players
  • Stereo all regions
  • Over 7 hours of viewing time, plus bonus features, outtakes, and training techniques


Dog Training: A Step-by-Step Guide to Leash Training, Crate Training, Potty Training, Obedience and Behavior Training (Dog Training Books) (Volume 1)

Puppy Training Guide

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your dog didn’t chew on furniture or poop on the carpet, and followed your commands? Dog Training can help!

A dog brings joy and excitement to your life. Once you add this bundle of energetic fur to your family, you’ll find you have extra reasons to be playful. On the other hand, dogs have animal instincts and natural tendencies, some of which need to be repressed. Your dog needs to learn how to behave, and he will be counting on you to show him how to live in the world.

This book features the best methods and step-by-step instructions on how to train a dog. You will learn:
• Leash training
• Crate and potty training
• Five obedience commands every dog should know
• How to stop destructive behaviors
• Effective dog training tips
And much more!

Training a dog needs consistency and patience. If you use the methods in this guide, you will enjoy a hassle-free lifetime with your new best friend.

Download your copy of Dog Training now!

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Puppy Problems: Simple Steps for Solving Common Puppy Behavior Problems

Your puppy is likely to display some behaviors that you find problematic and cannot solve alone. Puppies play bite, jump on people, chew inappropriate objects, fail to come when called, do not naturally cope well with being alone, and pull on leash. If you are experiencing problems in these areas, this is the book for you.

Not only are these issues addressed, but you are also given simple to follow steps so that your puppy will become a well-behaved companion.

Your puppy is likely to display some behaviors that you find problematic and cannot solve alone. Puppies play bite, jump on people, chew inappropriate objects, fail to come when called, do not naturally cope well with being alone, and pull on leash. If you are experiencing problems in these areas, this is the book for you.

Not only are these issues addressed, but you are also given simple to follow steps so that your puppy will become a well-behaved companion.


Train Your Dog Now!: Your Instant Training Handbook, from Basic Commands to Behavior Fixes

Presenting a new way to work with your dog, with simple step-by-step instructions and lists to help you teach your dog the most important and necessary skills.

Take your dog from wild to well-behaved in just a few steps!

Train Your Dog Now! takes the best dog training tips, advice, and instructions and breaks them out into bite-sized pieces to help you—and your dog— learn everything you need to know, fast. With step-by-step instructions for teaching simple commands such as sit and drop it, guides for getting your dog used to new environments, as well as easy-to-follow instructions for teaching basic tricks and correcting bad behaviors, this book has everything you need for your pet.

Lessons Include:
8 Steps to Housetraining
5 Steps to Curbing Destructive Chewing
7 Steps to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People
3 Steps to Stop Pulling on the Leash
5 Steps to Curb Excessive Barking


Puppy Problems:Simple steps for solving common puppy behavior problems

Your puppy is likely to display some behaviors that you find problematic and cannot solve alone. Puppies play bite, jump on people, chew inappropriate objects, fail to come when called, do not naturally cope well with being alone, and pull on leash. If you are experiencing problems in these areas, this is the book for you.Not only are these issues addressed, but you are also given simple to follow steps so that your puppy will become a well-behaved companion.Your puppy is likely to display some behaviors that you find problematic and cannot solve alone. Puppies play bite, jump on people, chew inappropriate objects, fail to come when called, do not naturally cope well with being alone, and pull on leash. If you are experiencing problems in these areas, this is the book for you.Not only are these issues addressed, but you are also given simple to follow steps so that your puppy will become a well-behaved companion.


Pet Corrector – The Company of Animals – Bad Behavior and Training Aid – Quickly Stops Barking, Jumping, Digging, Chewing – Harmless and Safe- 30ml

Created by Dr. Roger Mugford from The Company of Animals, makers of quality pet brands including Halti, Baskerville, and Clix. Used and recommended by trainers and behaviorist throughout the world. At the Company of Animals, we are passionate about creating behavior enhancing products to improve the relationship between people and their dogs. The purpose of the Pet Corrector is to gain the dog’s attention at the instant they are exhibiting an unwanted behavior. When the Pet Corrector emits a hissing sound, the dog is distracted, and the owner can then insert a positive command and reward.

Pet Corrector should always be used responsibly, it should never be pointed directly into an animal’s face. It is not recommended for use with young puppies, noise sensitive or nervous dogs.

Product includes comprehensive training instructions to ensure correct use.

Sizes: 30ML, 50ML, 200ML

Handy holster available for 50ML can.

Product Features

  • EMITS A HISSING SOUND through a quick burst of compressed air that mimics the warning hiss of a snake or cat to distract the dog, so you can teach better behavior and commands such as quiet, sit, leave, and stop
  • SAFE & HUMANE way to retrain canines to prevent excessive barking, jumping, stealing food, digging and chewing
  • EFFECTIVE TRAINING aid to correct bad habits; jumping on furniture, counter tops or stealing food
  • TRAINER & BEHAVIORIST RECOMMENDED Pet Corrector was created by Dr. Roger Mugford and is used and recommended by trainers and behaviorist throughout the world


Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Canine and Feline Behavior

Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Canine and Feline Behavior, Second Edition offers fast access to reliable, practical information on managing common behavior disorders in dogs and cats.

  • Takes a new section approach to allow for easier browsing
  • Adds 19 new topics or algorithms covering separation anxiety, thunderstorm sensitivity, introducing pets to the family and each other, enrichment, geriatric behavior problems, handling techniques, urine marking, leash reactivity, pediatric behavior problems and best practices, and rescue pets
  • Offers a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and managing behavior problems in dogs and cats
  • Designed for fast access to information, with identically formatted topics for ease of use
  • Includes access to a companion website providing 43 client education handouts for download and use, including 25 brand-new handouts


Puppy Problems: Simple steps for solving common puppy behavior problems

Your puppy is likely to display some behaviors that you find problematic and cannot solve alone. Puppies play bite, jump on people, chew inappropriate objects, fail to come when called, do not naturally cope well with being alone, and pull on leash. If you are experiencing problems in these areas, this is the book for you.Not only are these issues addressed, but you are also given simple to follow steps so that your puppy will become a well-behaved companion.

Product Features

  • Puppy Problems Simple Steps for Solving Common Puppy Behavior Problems


ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems in Your Multi-Dog Household (Volume 1)


People love dogs–and often “double their pleasure” by sharing their hearts (and pillows) with more than one. But dog behavior puzzles the most savvy pet owners especially when you add more pets to the furry equation. And behavior problems are the #1 reason pets lose their homes.

This book helps any dog lover (whether you share your home with one or a dozen canines). It demystifies common behaviors and dog disputes, explains aggression (it’s NORMAL!), solves pet potty challenges and dinnertime woes, and redirects normal (but aggravating) dog-to-dog behaviors.

This guide explains aggressive dog behavior and dog fights, dog language, positive dog obedience training techniques, how to stop dog biting and prevent dog behavioral problems. You’ll find detailed prescriptive how-to advice from premier dog trainers and behaviorists on the most common problems found in the multi-dog household. Step by step tips from this award-winning author and certified animal behavior consultant uses dog psychology to address:

* Dog bites, dog aggression, and dog fights
* Scared dogs, noise phobias, dog fireworks fears, and canine thunder phobias
* Canine separation anxiety, dog separation behaviors, and dog destructive behaviors
* Dog resource guarding of toys, food and owners
* Manage dog nutrition and meals
* Puppy house training and dog marking behaviors
* Positive dog training tips including clicker training, lure training, and obedience training
* Proper dog introductions
* Introduce dogs and a new baby or kids
* How to introduce dogs to cats
* Reduce bullying behavior
* How to choose pet friends to reduce growls
* Solve common pet peeves: barking, puppy chewing, dog digging, puppies eating poop, dogs rolling in poop, dogs jumping up, and more!

Fun, practical, and eminently informative, ComPETability helps you devise strategies that enable multiple dogs to live in harmony within the same household. Written by one of America’s premier pet experts, the book explains everything the loving dog owner needs to know. Most important, CompPETability provides crucial tips on how to evaluate and match your pets’ personalities, improve their relationships, and make your home a sanctuary for canine fun and peace.

For more pet behavior advice refer to:
ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems In Your CAT-DOG Household
ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems In Your Multi-CAT Household


Don’t Dump the Dog: Outrageous Stories and Simple Solutions to Your Worst Dog Behavior Problems

Do you want to dump your dog because he tries to escape your yard? Barks too much? You-know-whats in the house? Doesn’t play well with others? Chewed up your favorite pair of shoes?

You wouldn’t be the first person asking to “return” your pet. And dog rescuer Randy Grim has heard every reason under the sun. But before you load Fido into the back of your car, read this book.

In it, Randy addresses the concerns of dog guardians everywhere by responding to letters that he’s actually received. With humor, and from his vast experiences with abandoned dogs, he reveals exactly what you can do to remain calm and fix every bad behavior problem. (Even if it means dumping your husband instead of the dog.)

Product Features

  • By Randy Grim
  • For simple solutions to bad dog behavior.


How To Potty Train Your Puppy (Secrets of a Canine Behavior Specialist Book 1)

How To Potty Train Your Puppy is a thorough, informative manual that gives the new puppy or dog owner a fast and easy step by step guide to housebreaking a puppy using a crate or I’ll refund the purchase price, guaranteed. Other solutions covered in this book include submissive urinating, marking, teething, and destructive chewing.



You need to know this about dogs: Puppies as well as adult dogs crave daily routines. Let your dog know you are boss! Tell s/he what time to wake up in the morning, when to eat breakfast and dinner, when to go outside for potty call, exactly what time to take the morning walk and so on. Then try to follow this time schedule every day. (as best you can) Your pup will love you for it.
You’ll be amazed at how obedient your dog will become. She’ll suddenly be waiting for you at the door when it’s time to go for a walk or out to potty!
Include training in the routine. It’s a known fact that a dog wants to please his/her human and takes great pleasure out of training sessions.
Bonding – One of the best ways to bond with your pooch, and he with you, is through obedience dog training.
Did you know canines use distinct body language?
•When a dog wants to play, she will lay both front paws spread out in front of her on the ground and rest on her elbows with her rear end sticking up in the air, head down at the ground. Every other dog around knows she’s ready to play.
•A submissive dog may, when being approached, tuck her tail between her legs, crouch down, and possibly even roll on her back to expose her tummy as if to say “I give up.”
•Angry dogs. They bare their teeth, stick their tail in the air, put the ears forward, become rigid and you may see the whites of her eyes.
•A really happy, excited pooch will run in circles, jump up and down, bark and probably run over and lick you on the face.
•A depressed dog sleeps all day, has no interest in anything or anyone, won’t eat and doesn’t want to play.
•Yes, dogs are plenty emotional, just like people.



SENTRY GOOD behavior Calming Spray for Dogs, 1 oz

Sentry Calming Spray is proven to effectively modify behavioral problems in dogs that are caused by stress such as anxiety, phobias, travel, thunderstorms, fireworks, and new social interaction. Can be used without long term side effects and can be used on dogs of all breeds and ages. Sentry Calming Spray mimics the pheromones that the mother dog produces to calm her puppies. These pheromones are recognized throughout life. The lavender and chamomile provide a soothing fragrance. Directions: Spray one short burst in the area where your pet will spend time immediately before bringing the pet to that area.

Product Features

  • Great for use in pet beds and crates or while traveling
  • Soothing lavender chamomile fragrance
  • Safe and Effective
  • GOOD behavior technology


Embracing the Wild in Your Dog: An understanding of the authors of our dog’s behavior – nature and the wolf

Are dogs four-legged humans?

Some time ago, dogs became as interwoven in the American culture as baseball, apple pie and the Fourth of July. In fact, most dogs have trumped evolution itself and jumped straight to being four legged humans where they are adorned with human names, designer outfits and fed diets that would confound even the best nutritionist. In most cases, we’ve granted them our human intelligence and our sacred human emotions as well. They are no longer dogs to us, they’re family! Yet, for all that man has done to carve the wolf from the wild to create a surrogate human, today’s dog is still a wolf at heart and the accompanying instincts borne from such ancestry defines how the dog approaches its world.

The most damaging problem associated with dog ownership today

The ontogeny of anthropomorphism, where we attach our human traits to our pets, is the most damaging and paralytic problem associated with dog ownership today. Believing in a fairy tale world where dogs possess the same moral consciousness and sense of altruism as attributed to humans has led to a drastic increase in leash laws, dogs being outlawed in a rising number of city and national parks, some breeds being banned in several states, an alarming escalation of aggression to humans, a rising cost of homeowner and business insurance, and a record number of clinically maladaptive dogs.

The control you always dreamed of

This book is not a training book. It does not cover obedience topics such as heel, sit, down, stay, and come. Instead, it’s about righting the ship of American dog ownership by changing our perception of our dogs. It is about the author growing up in the Alaskan wild under the tutelage and guardianship of a Special Forces survival instructor who introduced him to the ways of wolves and the similarities they shared with dogs. It is about the wisdom and splendor of nature and the many life lessons she provides. Mostly, it’s about developing a deep understanding of the authors of your dog’s behavior; nature and the wolf. In doing so, you will truly learn who and what your dog really is and the why and how of its behavior.

In this book, you will learn the tools that nature gave them to survive and coexist in both the mountains and in our homes. You will learn how activating and deactivating natural impulses and mechanisms in your dog will lead to the harmonious existence and the control you always dreamed of.

Embrace the wild in your dog

Most of all, you will come to embrace the wild in your dog as well as the grace and the peace that comes with this acceptance.

Grab your copy of Embracing the Wild in Your Dog now!


1000 Feet Rechargeable Waterproof Remote Dog Training Collar for Small to Extra Large Dogs 15-100 lbs Safe & Harmless Tone/Vibration/Static Shock Behavior Training Aids Pet Collar Wireless Control

FunAce Remote Dog Training Collar (1 Dog System) is a safe and effective behavior aid to help train your dog. You control different operating mode: vibration (100 levels), shock (100 levels), and tone using the remote transmitter. The waterproof collar receives the action signal up to 1000 feet and acts accordingly on your dog. Your dog will start to learn and rid of all unwanted behaviors after training for 15 consecutive days.

3 Modes: Static Shock/Vibration/Beep
100 Levels of Vibration and Static Shock Correction Simulation
Rechargeable Remote Transmitter with LCD Screen and LED Flash Light
Rechargeable, Waterproof Receiver Collar (can submerge in water)
Durable and Adjustable Nylon Collar Strap From 8 to 20 Inches; Fit Dogs 8 lbs or Larger
Up to 1000 Feet Signal Range
Power saving design with Automatic Standby and Memory Function

Package included
1 Remote Transmitter
1 Collar Receiver
1 Adjustable Nylon Belt
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Charger
1 Shock Testing Bulb
2 Pairs of Metal Probes

Training Your Dog
It is essential to train your dog for this system to work. Off leash behavior training such as barking, jumping, biting, chewing, charging at visitors, and other aggressive behaviors. Spend 15 minutes each day for about 3 weeks to teach your dog the proper behavior and that he feel comfortable wearing the collar regularly.

Actual distance may vary: Optimal distance when transmitter is at least 30 feet from the road with minimal landscaping, sloping, nearby metal outbuildings as it interferes and block the signal from the transmitter. A variety of factors, including terrain, topography, and metal objects may also affect the operating range.

Product Features

  • Safe & Effective Remote Dog Training Collar -Off Leash Behavior Training Such As Barking, Jumping, Biting, Chewing, Charging at Visitors, and Other Aggressive Behaviors.
  • System Comes with 1 Rechargeable Transmitter Remote (1000 Ft Signal Range) and 1 Rechargeable/Waterproof/Swim in Water Receiver Collar.
  • Features 3 Training Modes (Static Shock, Vibration, Tone) and 100 Adjustable Levels of Vibration And Shock.
  • Pet Collar Fits Dogs 8 Pounds and Up With Neck Sizes from 8 to 20 Inches (Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large Dogs).
  • Remote Transmitter Can Pair Up to 2 Receiver Collars. Rechargeable Battery Included for Both Transmitter and Receiver.


Lovely Baby Dog Whistle with Lanyard | Ultrasonic Bark Control and Behavior Training | Silent, Easy to Use | Puppies, Adults, Seniors | Safe for Any Breed

Help train your dog in a safe, effective manner with an easy-to-use dog whistle that provides ultrasonic audible cues to manage behavior.

As much as we love our dogs, it isn’t always easy to get them to listen and stay focused while we’re giving them commands. And while treats might work, a smarter solution is to use a Lovely Baby Dog Whistle that provides ultrasonic cues to let them know to take action, listen up, or follow directions.

Training Reinforcement

A dog whistle is a safe, effective training tool that won’t harm your dog, works with any breed no matter the size, and is simple for pet owners to learn. Simply adjust the pitch and blow based on your exhale and “communicate” with your dog as your teaching them commands, breaking bad behaviors, or showing them how to interact with your or while in public.

Product Details:

  • Premium Dog Whistle
  • Adjustable Pitch and Blow (Self)
  • Easy to Employ Positive Reinforcement
  • Includes Carry Lanyard
  • Safe for All Dog Breeds and Sizes
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Click ‘Add to Cart’ to get an ultrasonic dog whistle to help train your dog with safe, positive behavior solutions from Lovely Baby.

Product Features

  • POSITIVE DOG TRAINING- Supplement dog treats with audible whistle cues and better teach pet commands like stay, sit, come, fetch, roll over, or heel.
  • CORRECT NEGATIVE ACTIONS – Whistles can also be used to help puppies stop barking, reinforce crate training, or keep them focused and disciplined in public.
  • LONG DISTANCE CALL- When shouting or yelling for your dog isn’t ideal, a whistle provides a silent, yet pet audible solution for calling them back when off leash.
  • EASY CARRY LANYARD- Every small and compact dog whistle comes complete with a slim, lightweight lanyard to carry it around your neck while training your pup.
  • TRUE QUALITY ASSURANCE- Training your dog is about building long-lasting trust and bonds, just like Lovely Baby backs every purchase with a guarantee.


Fiproguard Animal Supply Company IC03913 Good Behavior Toy Dog Drops

Features. Sentry Good Behavior Calming Drops Include A Pheromone That Helps Calm A Dog In Stressful Situations.. The Calming Drops Contain Pheromone Technology That Mimics A Pheromone That The Mother Dog Produces.. Dogs Associate This With The Reassuring Feeling They Had As A Puppy When Around Their Mother.. Dogs Recognize These Pheromones Throughout Life.. This Takes Advantage Of The Natural Process Of Association And Nurtures A Calming Effect.

Product Features

  • Sentry Good Behavior Calming Drops Include A Pheromone That Helps Calm A Dog In Stressful Situations
  • The calming drops contain pheromone technology that mimics a pheromone that the mother dog produces
  • Dogs Associate This With The Reassuring Feeling They Had As A Puppy When Around Their Mother
  • Dogs Recognize These Pheromones Throughout Life
  • This Takes Advantage Of The Natural Process Of Association And Nurtures A Calming Effect


Golden Retriever Puppy | Think Like a Dog ~ But Don’t Eat Your Poop! | Golden Retriever Puppy Obedience & Behavior Training |: Here’s EXACTLY How to TRAIN Your Golden Retriever Puppy (Volume 1)

Golden Retriever dog training system. Find out what you need to know -FIRST- before you just start “training” then dig-in, get rapid long lasting obedient results starting today!
Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever Dog Training: Think Like a Dog, But Don’t Eat Your Poop!

[-Updated November 2016 2nd Edition-] I figure, Golden Retriever training system Fastest Way to No More Golden Retriever Poop! For both new and seasoned Golden Retriever owners, whether a puppy, or adult Golden Retriever. Just open it up and read simple, clear, step by step Golden Retriever dog training techniques and start training your puppy in hour one. [NOW!]

Golden Retriever Breed Expert Step- by-Step Guide for rapid learning and retaining!

This is EXACTLY How to train your Golden Retriever puppy and adult dog while using specifically designed dog training methods, made to be simple, fun, fast and effective to train and adopt for both you and your Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever training specifically geared towards your breed, I created the Rapid Command Adoption training system. I am sincere and caring when considering the importance of delivering a best of breed specific puppy and dog training system.

I am serious about the information you need, the steps you will take, and the results you both deserve when you act today for a long term, healthy and happy life together. So serious in fact, I managed to pepper in a wee bit of humor along the way.

There is design and reasoning behind my terrible one-liners too. You see, a major secret to your Golden Retriever puppy training success includes and certainly depends on your happiness, attention, attitude, approach, and type of command delivery you use. It’s an easy philosophy too; the more you have fun, the better responses you will get, and the better experience your dog will have too.

You can secure your outcome simply by choosing right now to put my cutting edge Breed Specific Golden Retriever Training System to work with your dog now, and immediately start seeing positive dog obedience results from using my Rapid Command Adoption training system.

Golden Retriever puppies and adult dogs can enjoy rapid dog-training results. My purpose is to offer you and your new puppy or dog, the best possible results-getting-dog-training-system.

Most of all I am serious about your results, and you might have some fun during the process of training your Golden Retriever using my system. It’s all laid out for you right now in an exacting, yet simple, fun, short, fast, and highly effective dog training guide for Golden Retrievers.

Title says it all.

Think Like a Dog, but don’t eat your poop! – How to Train Your Golden Retriever

Go ahead and download it, I guarantee my training materials. Who knows right? You may just have a laugh while teaching your dog rapid command adoption. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading, my family is grateful, and we sincerely appreciate your business, Paul Allen Pearce Author, Trainer, Dog Lover of the Golden Retriever

P.S. – Remember to always “Think Like a Dog ~ But Don’t Eat Your Poop!” – While Training Your Golden Retriever

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