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CAT’S MEOW – Cat Toy As Seen on TV – Undercover Mouse Exercise Toy

The Cat’s Meow is an irresistible toy that fulfills your cat’s natural instinct to pounce and prey. Its ingenious design features a durable rip stop nylon cover, concealing a hidden peek-a-boo “mouse” which skitters around and around. Designed with your cat’s needs in mind, this toy randomly switches directions and speeds for endless hours of activity and entertainment.

Product Features

  • (4) different speeds; Slow, Medium, Fast and Random. Your cat will love the variety.
  • Long Lasting durable nylon cover
  • Peek-a-boo wand mimics scurrying mouse
  • Stops clawing and scratching on curtains and furniture
  • Hours of fun and exercise for cats of all ages



Allstar Marketing Group LLC CM011112 Cat’s Meow Cat Toy is a fun exercise toy for cats and kittens of all ages. Helps stop clawing and scratching. Just press a button to instantly attract your cat. Works great on carpets and smooth floors. Durable, 23 inch skirt. Motorized mouse wand moves silently and changes direction when you least expect it. Easy to assemble. Uses C batteries, not included.

Product Features

  • For cats and kittens of all ages
  • Helps stop destructive clawing and scratching
  • Works great on carpets and smooth floors
  • Changes direction when you least expect it
  • Easy to assemble


Cat’S Meow Cat Toy Boxed

Mouse tail moves in random and unpredictable directions that appeals to your

cats hunter prey instinct!

3 Speed settings, Slip clutch to protect gears

The toy your cat can’t resist!

Fun exercise for cats of all ages

Helps to stop clawing and scratching

Peek-a-boo wand mimics a scurrying mouse

Randomly changes speeds and directions to keep cats entertained

Never-quit motor just keeps on running even when your cat pounces

Made of durable rip stop nylon (23″ diam.)

Cat’s Meow is the perfect gift for every cat lover

BL-2600 Battery powered (Does not include on the items)


1 x Cat’s Meow V3 Version Cat Toy

1 x Durable 23″ skirt

1 x Mouse wand

1 x Manual

Product Features

  • Inventel Cat’s Meow – CM011112


FUNNEST CAT TOY-Cat Toys Plus 2 toys in 1 interactive toy for cats with mouse shaped swatter and ball in track- great addition to cat trees and houses and bed- They’ll meow with joy!

This toy does both

You feed your furry friends the best food and want to make sure they’re healthy right? Well this interactive cat toy helps with their overall well being by providing mental and physical stimulation:
– Perfect cat accessory- great for indoor or outdoor cats
– High quality construction- it’ll last forever
– Entertaining for you too
– Great for kittens and your seniors
Best gifts for cat lovers
– Great addition to your cat tree or houses- place near litter box

So what separates Cat Toys Plus from the rest? It is simple- it is the most functional and highest quality cat toy
It is designed to provide countless hours of fun for your kitties

That is why we can offer a 100% no questions asked MONEY BACK guarantee!

So Order NOW by clicking the yellow add to cart button to make sure your kitties are happy. Make sure to order one for your friends and loved ones too! It is the best gift ever

Product Features

  • *****ENTERTAINS YOUR KITTIES FOR HOURS- You’ll be laughing for hours watching them TOTALLY entertained
  • *****INTERACTIVE TOY KEEPS THEM YOUNG- also keeps them from damaging belongings
  • *****EXERCISE KEEPS THEM HEALTHY- they’ll stay slim and trim
  • *****HIGH QUALITY- WON’T BREAK it’ll be around as long as they are
  • *****100% COMPLETE SATISFACTION, NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- see videos and photos in reviews


Cats Meow Yellow Undercover Fabric Moving Mouse Cat Play Cat’s Toy As Seen on Tv

Cats Meow Yellow Undercover Fabric Moving Mouse Cat Play Cat’s Toy As Seen on Tv

Product Features

  • Cats Meow Yellow Undercover Fabric Moving Mouse Cat Play Cat’s Toy As Seen on Tv


Cat Scratcher From the Meow Mommy ★ #1 Cat Scratcher on Amazon ★ Protect Your Furniture and Save Money and Eyesores ★ Environmentally Friendly Cat Scratcher Is Fully Compostable and Recyclable ★ Improves and Maintains Cat Claw Health ★ 4.5 Stars Make It the Top Scratcher on Amazon ★ 100% Money Back Guarantee – Love It or It’s Free!

Dear Cat Parents,

We LOVE our kitties, but let’s face it – nobody loves a shredded couch. The thing is, scratching is not only a natural and normal behavior for cats, but it’s actually a very necessary and healthy practice. By scratching, cats are able to stretch and flex their whole bodies and also keep their claws conditioned and healthy by removing dead cells that build up on the outer layers.

Cats need to scratch, but that doesn’t help our furniture! We at the Meow Mommy are deeply opposed to the practice of declawing, and were getting tired of going through scratchers because they couldn’t stand up to the needs of our two furry boys; after months of research (aka trying out a ton of styles both kitties liked and wouldn’t destroy), we finally had our design! The wave shape of The Meow Mommy scratcher is perfect for cats of all sizes, but more importantly, lets your cat still achieve that full body stretch that’s so important.

The other big thing we focused was durability. Though cats can be amazingly agile and light on their feet, we all know that when it comes to scratching, the words “delicate” and ‘gentle” don’t apply. That’s why we made our awesome scratcher out of super dense, corrugated cardboard that’s a solid 3″ thick. The Meow Mommy scratcher is going to last way longer than thinner scratchers saving you time and money in replacements!

So whether you’re a meow mommy, or meow daddy, we guarantee your cats will love this scratcher as much as ours do. In fact, we’re so sure it will be a hit, we’re putting our money where our whiskers are! If your cat doesn’t LOVE their new scratcher (which they will…we promise), just send it back for a FULL refund.

…but we don’t really think that will be happening! Our kitties love this scratcher, and so do SO many others. Just check out our stellar reviews on Amazon!

Product Features

  • ★4.7 OUT OF 5 STAR REVIEWS – “My cat loves this thing! She sits plumply on it as her new bed, AND I LOVE that my cat is scratching this pad over my furniture.” – Michael, one of the many happy users of the Meow Mommy cat scratcher.
  • ★THICKER And MORE DENSE Than Most Scratchers – At 3″ high it will take longer to scratch through therefore LASTING LONGER and saving you money.
  • ★REVERSIBLE Design – A choice of a flat or curved surface to satisfy all cat scratch preferences, PLUS a longer useful life as it an be flipped when one side is showing excessive wear!
  • ★100% Recyclable AND Compostable – Can be easily and safely disposed of when your cat uses it up, so you know that you’re being good to the environment and to your cat.
  • ★100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – your cat will love to scratch and lounge on The Meow Mommy Scratcher, but if YOU are not satisfied for *any reason*, JUST SEND IT BACK and for a full refund.


Meow Town Sisal Scratch N’ Stow Scratching Cat Post, Natural

The Meow Town scratch n’ stow is a sturdy sisal scratching post for cats. Expand your cat product selection without taking up much space. Catnip-infused bungee mouse toy on top encourages cats to scratch and play. Tall 3-1/4-inch diameter post is attached to a tough carpet-covered base. Available in natural color. Made of sisal, plush and wood. Measures 12-inch length by 12-inch width by 21-inch height.

Product Features

  • The scratch n’ stow is a sturdy scratching post for cats
  • Tall 3-1/4-inch diameter post is attached to a tough carpet-covered base
  • Includes a catnip-infused mouse toy
  • Made of sisal, plush and wood; available in natural color
  • Measures 12-inch length by 12-inch width by 21-inch height