Penn Plax Cat Scratching Post and Pad with Toy Fun Leopard Print

Your kitty will be scratchin’ in leopard print style with the Penn Plax Scratching Post and Incline. This soft sassy leopard print will captivate your curious kitten with varying textures for it to paw, rub against, and scratch. The corrugated cardboard sloped pad and sisal-wrapped post will keep their claws in top condition, and a springy toy lets them swat and play. For extra lasting convenience, the cardboard of the slope is two sided. Simply flip it over top to bottom and you have a new scratching and climbing surface! You’ll have one happy cat with this corrugated scratching post and pad. Your furniture will thank you.

Product Features

  • Climb, slide, play, scratch. With sisal and corrugated scratching surfaces for their claws, and a whippy toy atop, this scratch and play post will keep kitty quite happy.
  • Cats like variety, and this scratching post serves up, with various textures and two scratching surfaces. Your cat will love rubbing against it as well as scratching.
  • Give your cat a scratching and play outlet, with sisal post and sturdy corrugated cardboard for keeping its claws clean, polished, and healthy.
  • Get plenty of life from this scratching post. The corrugated cardboard incline flips over to present a new surface when one gets a bit too worn.
  • Scratching post is large enough for cats to pass under. It’s 14.5 inches high by 19.5 deep by 9.75 wide and is suitable for both kitten and full grown cats.
  • The post on the Cat Scratch is double sided to last twice as long and is positioned on a smooth angle for natural cat scratching tendencies
  • Catch Scratch measures 19.5″D x 9.75″W x 14″H
  • Features many cat scratching elements