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Professional Grade Dematting Grooming Comb Tool for Dogs & Cats by RoyalEle | Double Sided Rounded Steel Removes Mats,Tangles,Knots | Gentle Precise Great Massaging Tool All Hair Types & Breeds (Blue)

Ever go to pet your dog or cat and his hair is full of knotted mats?

Worry no more!

RoyalEle Professional Grade Dematting Grooming Comb for Dogs & Cats is just what you need to make your dog’s coat shiny and tangle free!

Multi-functionality and Benefits of RoyalEle Pet deshedding Brush & Grooming Tool for Dogs & Cats are:

  • GROOMERS QUALITY – 17+9 high quality stainless steel precision teeth provide gentle and precise dematting even for pets with sensitive skin.
  • Rounded blades for gentle fur and undercoat removal.
  • No More Pet Hair All Over the House- Simple 5-minute brushing will remove all the unnecessary dead undercoat.
  • Great choice for medium to long haired coats of all breeds. Works very well on pets with coarse, long, curly or wiry matted coats.
  • ALL-IN-1 TOOL – dematting, detangling, deshedding, Massaging & brushing all at the same time. Ease and comfortable operation for you & great experience for your dog.
  • The ergonomic silicon handle takes the shape of your palm and gives a perfect grip to help you finish daily combing with ease.
  • Handy Eyelet to easily hang the tool to the wall when done.
  • WORKS AS A GREAT MASSAGER – Grooms, Massages and facilitates effective blood circulation.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH NO RISK – We offer a replacement or a refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the product.
  • A portion of our profit is donated to help sponsor a child’s education.

Product Features

  • ALL IN 1 TOOL – Grooming, Dematting, Detangling, Deshedding, Massaging & Brush for all breeds and hair types.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE – Firm and Comfortable grip made of high quality TPE/PP material. Professional design with chromium plating finish.
  • 17 | 9 BLADES – 9 blade side used to gently detangle knotted mats – 17 blade side for thinning and deshedding the fur.
  • GIVING BACK – A portion of our profit is donated to help sponsor a child’s education.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH NO RISK – We offer a replacement or a refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the product.


Petio Basics – Self Cleaning Slicker Brush with Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle for Pet Grooming Gently Removes Tangled Matted Fur from Cats and Dogs and Reduces Shedding

Professional-grade Grand Champion grooming for your dog or cat

Pet grooming isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Mats and tangles in your dog’s fur cause painful pulls on his skin, like a human’s too-tight ponytail. Imagine those all over your body and you get an idea of how uncomfortable an ungroomed pet may be. Petio Basics Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush lets you gently remove tangles from fur, for a healthy show-quality coat you both can be proud of.

The most effective and comfortable grooming tool at your disposal

Bent-wire pins in our Slicker Brush painlessly detangle and capture dead undercoat that bristle brushes can’t lift and remove. As this dead fur and other debris is removed from your pet’s coat, natural oil glands in the skin are activated. This leaves pet fur looking shiny, full and healthy. To clean your Slicker Brush, simply push the button atop the handle. The wires retract, leaving fur to be swiped away quickly and easily. Resume grooming, or store your Slicker Brush clean and ready-to-go the next time. The ergonomic, non-slip handle of our Slicker Brush gives you a comfortable grip without creating hand fatigue that results in pain for your pet. Bonding over lengthy grooming sessions is beneficial to you, your pet AND your home – because regular grooming leads to less shedding on furniture and floors.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is made with the highest-quality materials and processes, to provide reliable detangling and grooming of your pet. If, at any time, our product does not perform to your expectations, return it to us for replacement or a refund of 100% of your purchase price.

Add Petio Basics Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush to your cart today, and say hello to your own Best in Show.

Product Features

  • Painless pet grooming with our angled wire pins, our slicker brush penetrates deep into the coat to lift and remove dead undercoat
  • Reduces shedding with regular use and cuts grooming time in half stimulates production of natural oils in your pet’s coat to return its’ healthy sheen
  • Easy clean-up with our 1-button retractable bristles, after grooming your dog or cat, simply push the button and remove loose hair
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip minimizes hand fatigue, contributing to your pet’s comfort during grooming
  • Our slicker brush does will perform to meet your expectations


The PRO Quality Dog Brush Is The Perfect SLICKER BRUSH For Dogs – 50% Off Retail Price – It’s Patented Ergonomic Design Makes Dog Grooming Quicker & Easier – The Unique Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Removes Those Mats And Tangles And Is So Comfortable Your Dog Will Love Being Brushed – 5 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Quick & Easy Way To a Smooth Tangle Free Coat For Your Dog

Exclusive to The Pet Portal on Amazon + Includes FREE DOG GROOMING ebook

Our special patented Self Cleaning Function allows removal of hair from the brush in seconds – no
plucking of hair from your brush needed – this extends brush life.

The comfort grip handle and stainless steel pins provide excellent grooming results with minimal effort

For medium to large dogs or cats

* Will get through the thickest double coats easily

* Leaves your dog coat soft & shiny

* Removes mats and tangles quickly

Grooming your pet’s coat has many benefits including;

* Builds a special bond with you and your pet

* Removes and helps prevent tangles and matting

* Removes debris, dead and hair from your pet’s coat

* Reduces pet hair in your household

* Increases blood circulation

* Keeps your pet looking and feeling good

* Ideal for both shedding and non shedding dog breeds


* Durable and long lasting ergonomic brush design

* Eco friendly

* Ideal even for sensitive skin

* Self cleaning design

* Stainless steel pins gently remove dead hair, mats and tangles, and then retract for easy clean-up

* Comfortable soft anti slip brush handle

* Stainless steel brush head pins

* The special steel pins are comfortable for your pet


We have no hesitation in offering you a full 5 years 100% money back guarantee.

Click The Add To Cart Button Above To Invest in This Top Quality Slicker Brush

Product Features

  • BEST BRUSH ON THE MARKET: Excellent Grooming Results For SMALL To MEDIUM Sized Dogs (Large size for large dogs also available)
  • UNIQUE SELF CLEANING ACTION: Greatly Extends Brush Life – Used and recommended by Veterinarians, Groomers, and Pet Professionals
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: Special Ergonomic Handle Makes Brushing Easy
  • EASY ON YOUR DOG’S SKIN: Gentle on Your Dog’s Skin – Even For Sensitive Skin
  • FULLY GUARANTEED: 5 year Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee – PLUS Includes FREE DOG GROOMING Ebook